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About Us

We are here for You

You are most welcome to Biggar Kirk, whether as a visitor to our town or as a new resident to the area. It is our hope, God willing, that you become a frequent visitor and eventually a part of our church family.


Biggar Kirk is blessed to be linked with a sister church--Black Mount Parish Church-- in the nearby village of Dolphinton with whom we share a minister, various church resources and a desire to see Jesus glorified.


We currently meet for worship on a Sunday morning at 11:15am.


On the last Sunday of every month, we celebrate Holy Communion together in Biggar Kirk.


Our Communion table is open to all who love and trust the Lord Jesus.  We serve a choice of wine or non-alcoholic juice at our communion services.

As a congregation of the denomination The Church of Scotland our constitution is outlined in the Articles Declaratory


The most significant of which is found in Article I


“The Church of Scotland receives the Word of God which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as its supreme rule of faith and life”
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